Why Roof Hatches are Commonly Found on Homes

Why Roof Hatches are Commonly Found on Homes

If you’re renovating your home or are in the market for a new one, you have probably come across the feature known as a roof hatch. A roof hatch is a horizontal door that allows access to your roof. They can come in various sizes depending on the intended use. For example, some buildings require larger hatches for equipment movement. Though hatches are most commonly used for commercial buildings, they also serve as valuable additions to homes. As they become more and more popular in the housing market, you should stay up to date on their increasing popularity. Understanding why roof hatches are commonly found or desired in homes may make you reconsider what you look for in real estate, or what you should add to your home to increase its property value.

Easy Accessibility to Roof

The most prominent reason for installing a roof hatch is the increased accessibility to your roof it provides. You will no longer have to worry about getting out a ladder to climb on to your roof. With a roof hatch, you can safely reach your roof with a significantly reduced risk of injury. While you have to be careful while standing on such a high structure, most of the danger comes from climbing up there in the first place. When you use a free-floating ladder, especially in the winter, you risk slipping and falling. However, using an inside, permanently installed ladder or staircase that leads directly to your rooftop ensures your safety.

Act as a Skylight

Door hatches not only provide easy access to roofs, but can also act as a great way to let light into a home. Opting for a sturdy roof hatch with a Plexiglas or polycarbonate dome cover will illuminate your home, adding a great natural light to the aesthetic. Having access to natural light will also reduce your energy bill. You will be spending less money on artificially lighting your home and can enjoy the outside lighting your roof hatch provides.

Choosing the Right Roof Hatch

If you’re interested in installing a roof hatch in your home, there are a few aspects to be taken under consideration. The most common hatches are made from galvanized steel. These hatches are cost efficient and provide basic resistance to corrosion. While aluminum hatches are a bit more expensive, they require little maintenance. The hatch should be designed for an easy lift regardless of the cover’s size and weight. More often than not you will be going to your roof with tools in hand and want to make sure you can open the hatch easily.

If you’re putting in a brand new roof, you can utilize this opportunity to install a roof hatch right along with it to ensure a perfect fit. However, if rebuilding a roof is not in your plans, you can still install a retrofit hatch. A retrofit hatch, though a bit more complicated of an installation, can be easily designed and implemented with the help of a commercial overhead door service. Don’t wait to contact these reliable contractors who will make sure your home stays up to date with the latest features.

December 16, 2015

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