How to Choose the Right Automatic Doors for Your Commercial Property

How to Choose the Right Automatic Doors for Your Commercial Property

If you work in a commercial business, you understand the importance of keeping your property up to date. The invention of the automatic door revolutionized how people operate a business. The automatic door improved the ability to move large equipment, move large amounts of goods, and it increased mobility for handicapped individuals. Thanks to innovations in technology, great features like automatic doors have become more diverse. Commercial property owners now have a wide variety of doors from which to choose. As each door serves a different purpose, you will have to take into consideration which style will cater to your property’s unique needs. Thanks to commercial overhead door installation companies, you can get professional consultation to make sure the right door for you and your company is installed. Read on to learn what to take into consideration when choosing an automatic door.

Continuous Usage

When planning out your automatic door installation, you need to consider how frequently and continuously the door will be used. If the door will experience constant use throughout the day, you may want to consider opting for a low energy swing operated door. The electro-mechanical surface mounted operator is extremely quiet and is durable to continuous use. Its opening speed can also be adjusted to meet precise requirements. If you operate in a setting like an ICU where the automatic doors will be continuously used, yet need to respond rapidly, you can install a wide variety of doors designed to operate for long periods of time at high speeds. These ICU doors have touchless options and come in a sliding, folding, and swing design to ensure safe mobility throughout the building.

A Welcoming Entrance

If want your property to have a welcoming entrance, an automatic sliding door is a great option. These sliding doors are sleek and configurable for your unique property. If you want the overhead to be concealed, you can opt for a sliding door that hides the overhead upon installation. If you are limited on space, you can install a telescopic door. These doors use a “door on door” design which puts the weight of the door on the structured portion of the automatic door header with two boxes that are structural in design. These boxes use integrated aluminum tracks that can be replaced to maximize space and efficiency.

Amount of Expected Traffic

Revolving doors can greatly benefit a commercial property that experiences a constant flow of large traffic. Revolving doors allow for the stream of traffic to continue uninterrupted. They come in a variety of sizes, from compact entrances, to expansive three-wing compartments. These doors can also maximize energy use by reducing drafts and conserving heat energy.

If you own a commercial building, installing automatic doors will help increase the mobility of workers or customers. You will save on energy bills and make people feel more comfortable knowing they can easily enter or leave the building without worry of traffic build up. Don’t wait to install these helpful features. Contact a commercial door service for a professional consultation.

December 23, 2015

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