Buying a Security Door? Be Sure To Ask These Questions First

Buying a Security Door? Be Sure To Ask These Questions First

Safety is something that no-one – business or homeowners – are willing to compromise on.

This is why, it makes sense to install a security door at your establishment or your home. Not only is this an iron-clad first line of defense for your physical setting and your personal well-being, but you’ll be relieved mentally from the danger of a break-in or robbery.

When it comes to investing in a security door, however, Barr Commercial Door reiterates some very important questions that you need to address to ensure that you’re getting the very best you can afford. Always remember to ask;

Who Is Going To Build My Security Screen Door And Where Will It Be Made?

It’s a good idea to buy directly from a local door manufacturer or distributor. Never invest in a door repair and installation company that foreign imports or materials of lesser quality as well as companies that re-sell used or old products. It’s a question of your safety, after all.

What Is The History And Reputation Of The Company?

Thorough research must be done by consumers on a company or contractor before hiring or purchasing from. Following are some questions that you can ask to get a clearer picture and whether purchasing a door from them is a good idea of not.

  • How long has the company operating under the current name?
  • What is the business’s address?
  • Is the company bonded, licensed and insured?
  • What are their ratings on Angies’s List as well as with the Better Business Bureau?
  • What awards does the company have in its name when it comes to customer service, satisfaction and quality?

How Long Will It Take And When Will It Be Installed?

Be sure to ask about lead times, i.e. how much time will it take for the door to be made and installed. As one of the leading commercial door manufacturers, Barr Commercial Door provides its customers with the quickest door delivery and installation time without once compromising the quality. In fact, the same can be said for our repair and maintenance program.

Is The Door Made From Steel or Aluminum?

The reason why you’re thinking of investing in a security door in the first place is to protect your home or business. Barr Commercial Doors offers security doors in steel as well as aluminum; both of which have their own advantages and usages. In the end it really depends on the type of application you want to use the door for.

Another thing that’ll help you find the best commercial door installation, repair and maintenance is asking for referrals. A reputable company will provide with referrals and will have customer reviews proudly displaced on their website, such as Barr Commercial Doors here.

December 28, 2015

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