Why You Should Get Security Gates Repaired Right Away

Why You Should Get Security Gates Repaired Right Away

1If you’re a business owner, we’d love for you to answer these questions:

  • What would you to if a burglar broke into your warehouse and stole your inventory?
  • What if someone tampered with your products?
  • Would your business endure this crisis?

If these questions made you uneasy, your business’s security is at stake.

Businesses are run to rake in profits. However, if your business’s security is compromised, profits will decline over time. According to statistics, thefts in the U.S account for 2% loss of businesses across the U.S.

Since criminals are upgrading at a much quicker pace than our security efforts, installation and repair of security gates are becoming increasingly indispensable.

If you have a security gate at your business premises but it’s not functional, we’ll give you some convincing reasons to repair your security gates right now:

There Have Been Burglaries in the Neighboring Businesses

Since you are likely to be operating your business in an area that’s amid other businesses, you will instantly get to know if crimes rate in your area is on a hike.

If a neighboring business has encountered theft, know that the next time, you can be a victim of this crime. That being said, you as a business owner must remain up-to-date about criminal activities in your area.

This information can be obtained from local news reports and channels, and by familiarizing yourself with the neighbors. Closely analyze what got stolen or exploited. Learn from your neighbor business’s mistake and get your security gate repaired for prevention against burglaries.

You Are Losing Customers

This pertains to retail businesses. According to various surveys and polls, people are more likely to put their trust in businesses that have secured parking lots for its customers.

By and large, customers evaluate the effectiveness of a parking lot on three basic criteria: fee, setting, and security.

Of course, everyone wants to embrace a deal that’s well worth. And no one is going to pay more for a parking that doesn’t offer security. Proximity is also a big concern as customers would prefer to park their cars close to the business.

Nevertheless, if your business’s parking lot is not secured with a top-notch security gate, customers are less likely to visit your store.

Crime Is Increasing In General

1There are a range of factors that can influence crime in a given region.

Financial problems on a local, national or a global scale is one of the most hard-hitting reasons behind increasing crime statistics.

In the U.S, crime rates are on the rise and burglaries are contributing to business losses. Keeping in view this trend, taking the security of your business a level up is worth the investment.

At Barr Commercial Door, we offer a range of commercial doors, security gates for businesses and other repair services across Los Angeles and Orange County. Simply call us at 714-575-5270 or 800-825-3667 to get in touch with us.

June 17, 2016

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