Accessorizing Drive-Thru Windows at Your Business

Accessorizing Drive-Thru Windows at Your Business

Flimsy drive-thru windows may leave your business prone to a whole host of potential hazards and security issues. Not only do you need to wary of burglary when it comes to the drive-thru windows of your business, but also when it comes to their vulnerability to extreme weather. Staying on top of the condition of your drive-thru windows will make a difference in how both your customers and employees perceive you. By putting in the investment to correctly accessorize your business, you will work to improve your business and protect it for future success. Below, find some tips on how to accessorize drive-thru windows at your business.

Added security

For your business, there are a variety of accessories you can add to your drive-thru windows to improve the security of your building. If you have flimsy drive-thru doors, your business will not only be more prone to break-ins, but you may also be compromising the safety of your employees. In order to improve the safety of those employed by your business, you could invest in bullet-proof security windows. Though this may seem like an extreme safety window, more durable windows in general will help make it harder for the windows to be broken into overall.

Preserve the longevity

Adding an accessory to your drive-thru windows such as corrosion resistant frames will work to improve the longevity of the windows. Putting in the investment to install drive-thru windows that will last will save you money in the future as you won’t have to replace the windows as early as you otherwise would have. This is also beneficial as it allows you to work on improving other aspects of your business that need additional work or funds.

Customize how they open

Another way you can accessorize drive-thru windows is by deciding how the windows will open automatically. For drive-thru windows you can have them open in the following ways: manual, semi-automatic, or completely automatic. Having semi-automatic to full automatic windows will benefit your business by decreasing the amount of time it will take the employees to serve your customers. This is especially beneficial if you are in a food service industry where time is of the essence and makes all the difference between a happy customer and an angry one. On the other hand, manual doors reduce the likelihood of the door malfunctioning and needing repair as may happen with the semi-automatic and fully-automatic doors.

Protect from weather

Another beneficial accessory you can add to your drive-thru window is one that protects your business from extreme weather conditions, such as windows with weather-resistant sealant. By protecting your business from extreme weather you will preserve the interior from water and wind damage. This will save you money you may have otherwise had to put into damage repairs.

Drive-thru windows are not something any business should skimp on by trying to save money where they can. Not properly accessorizing such windows may leave your company vulnerable to theft and weather damage. For all of your Drive-Thru door needs, visit the website for Barr Door today!

December 9, 2015

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