Signs that Your Commercial Door Needs to be Replaced

Signs that Your Commercial Door Needs to be Replaced

If you own a business, you know how important it is to ensure that your commercial doors are in good working order. Regardless of your location, or how safe you think your community is, your commercial doors need to work every single time. Whether you’re looking for automatic doors in San Bernardino or wood doors & frames in San Diego County, it’s critical to your business to have commercial doors that are stable and in good overall condition. Here are some signs to watch for that may indicate you need to replace your commercial door.

Not closing properly

If your door doesn’t close properly or doesn’t close securely, it may be time to replace it. Over time, doors can warp, and extreme heat or cold can lead to doors that shrink or expand. This could result in the door not fitting into the frame properly. This causes it to leave gaps when closing, allowing air in and making it easy for would-be thieves to break in.

Chips or cracks

Chips and cracks can affect the structural integrity of your commercial door. Depending on where the chips or cracks are located, it can cause more serious damage if left unrepaired. It’s not just the structural integrity you have to worry about; it’s your entire reputation. If your business doesn’t look cared for, customers may not want to enter at all. You have to make your entire building, including your commercial doors, looking clean, fresh and well maintained.

Doesn’t lock properly

Your commercial door needs to lock securely, or you are inviting trouble. Crime rates differ from city to city, but you can never be too careful. Secure commercial doors in Orange are just as important as commercial doors in Los Angeles. If you’re located in Riverside and your lock doesn’t work you can contact a commercial overhead door repair service, but there may come a time when the lock is so compromised that the entire door will need to be replaced.

Broken glass

If your doors contain glass pieces that are cracked or broken, you can look at getting just the glass piece replaced. Whether you need a glass replacement or a whole door replacement will depend on where the glass is compromised and how much is broken in relation to the size of the door. Glass/aluminum doors in San Bernardino and other areas can be assessed by professionals to decide whether just the glass or the entire door needs replacing.


Depending on whether your commercial door is aluminum, steel or wood, age can play a huge factor when it comes to the lifespan of the door. A quality door can last anywhere from 10-20 years, and with proper care and maintenance, can last even longer.

Taking proper care of your commercial door is important for keeping your customers and employees safe. Always operate the door according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and make sure that small problems like chips or cracks in the glass get repaired as soon as possible. This will help ensure that small issues don’t turn into big ones later on. Barr Door can help you with all of your commercial door needs. Call or visit the website today for more information.

March 23, 2016

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