Common Materials used in Commercial Doors

Common Materials used in Commercial Doors

Commercial doors refer to any door used for business purposes; so whether you own a department store in San Bernardino or an industrial warehouse in Los Angeles, you need to choose the right doors for your industry. Rolling steel doors, for example, won’t do you much good in a law office, and glass/aluminum doors may not be the best choice for a warehouse.

It’s important to know what materials are used to make commercial doors, so you can make an informed decision on what would be best suited for your business. Here are some of the most popular materials used:


These are typically only used on the inside of buildings because temperature fluctuations and outdoor moisture can cause wood doors to warp. This would render the door dysfunctional. The majority of wood doors are chosen for appearance rather than functionality. It is not as strong as other materials. Wood doors & frames offer a timeless and sophisticated décor, so they are often seen in offices and similar buildings.

Keep in mind that a wooden door does not necessarily mean it’s made of solid wood. The attractive appearance is made up of thin pieces of wood veneer. The pieces are wrapped around a core made up of mineral products or particle board.


This is a favorite among school districts in Orange, San Diego and other areas as it saves on replacement and repair costs over the long term. Fibreglass is one of the most durable materials available on the market today. Because of their longevity and many benefits, commercial doors in Orange and the surrounding areas are also among the most expensive.

They offer big benefits, though, when it comes to maintenance, and they tend to outlast both steel and wood. They are not the most aesthetic commercial doors, but they are durable and are often used in industrial settings.

Aluminum and glass

You’ll find many glass/aluminum doors in San Diego, Riverside and the surrounding area used for salons, boutiques and department stores. The combination of aluminum and glass offer a sleek and sophisticated look that is hard to match. These doors do not require painting or staining and are virtually maintenance-free.

You can also choose full glass door options, which are hung on pivots so they can open and close smoothly. These are considered to more dangerous because they are not fire-rated; however, they are typically made with safety glass to reduce injury in case it breaks. Most local building codes do not permit them; there are all types of fire doors in Riverside, Orange and the surrounding area if that is your primary concern.


Steel commercial doors in Los Angeles and surrounding areas are the go-to material for the majority of exterior doors. They are sometimes referred to as “Hollow metal doors & frames,” but they are made from steel and then wrapped around a core of foam insulation, resin or steel stiffeners.

Steel commercial doors in San Diego County and surrounding areas offer the highest level of security and protection. It is one of the most affordable materials on the market as well as the most durable. These are typically used in warehouse and manufacturing settings indoors where equipment such as forklifts can cause serious damage to doors made of weaker materials.

When it comes to commercial doors in San Diego County or surrounding areas, it’s important to understand the different types available and how they will serve your business.

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April 6, 2016

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