Should I Choose a Glass or Aluminum Door?

Should I Choose a Glass or Aluminum Door?

Deciding on the right kind of door that leads the world into your front foyer or that leads your guests out onto the back porch might take some time, but it should not be complicated. Both doors have benefits, but it is understanding what they are, versus what you need, and making a wise decision. Glass/aluminum doors are reviewed below.

Firstly, aluminum doors are highly protective and stronger than most other door materials

It beats both PVC (vynl) and is significantly stronger than wood, and at one time, both aforementioned articles were heavily used in American homes. They last longer than both wood and PVC as well. Most Los Angeles area commercial doors, are made of aluminum and have a much longer life than their counterparts, surviving the salt air and low humidity well. But even in locations where the dew point is much higher, aluminum still outlasts other materials.

It is efficient and durable

Aluminum framing is lightweight, but still durable, which is not found in the other door types. Also, it is very insulating and keeps the heat/cool air in and the unwanted air out consistently, which is helpful especially with automatic doors. Aluminum’s efficiency pays for itself. It is non-toxic and safe for the environment, and it is easily reusable. In this environmentally risky age, reducing our carbon footprints in all areas of our lives is vital to the health of our planet.

It goes without saying that glass doors allow the sunshine to enter freely and provide a window to the outdoors like no other building material

Additionally, they are oversized and it is easier to move large objects through these doors when they are opened. They, also, keep rain and moisture out quite well, just as aluminum doors do. However, they do not hold in the heat as well as other materials, and are therefore, not as sharply efficient as they could be in all environments.

Sliding glass doors also create the image of larger space

You can make a small apartment living room look much larger by placing a single, or double, glass door off the living room and leading to the outdoors. A clear window or door, creates the impression that the room has not end and leads out into the yard or porch. Also, if a screen door is attached (and usually glass doors have these) then, the space really does lead out onto the back porch and now fresh air, along with view, can be enhanced by a glass door in the Los Angeles area.

Whether choosing an aluminum or glass door for your home, in a commercial situation, as a sectional door, etc…these two materials provide an infinite amount of decorating, safety, environmentally friendly, affordable, and convenient uses. When making the decision about purchasing a door, consider consulting a local Los Angeles county supplier. Barr Door has a wide variety and can offer you educated and experienced assistance in your search.


May 20, 2015

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