Benefits of Air Curtains

Benefits of Air Curtains

Have you ever wondered what that blast of air that hits you as you enter one of those large box warehouse stores is all about?  It is called an air curtain, and it is designed to keep the good things in and the bad things out.  Air curtains may be used with large commercial overhead doors or with small, drive-thru windows.  Any opening, whether large or small, even up to thirty feet high, will be protected. They may even be used to separate warehouse production areas from areas that contain finished goods.

Several commercial enterprises opt to have their air curtains heated

This does not affect the effectiveness of the air curtain either for good or bad, but it does feel good, especially in a cold climate.  The blast of air protects the indoor environment from temperature changes, keeping the cold out in winter months and the heat out in summer.  The blast of air keeps dust and small insects out, and helps a great deal with sanitation.  This strong gust of air, which is vertical and comes down as a seamless barrier from a special overhead hood that may be painted to blend in with the hardware of the door system, may be anywhere from a seven-foot door frame to a thirty-foot commercial door.  Even a small drive-thru window may utilize this.  It has been shown that a cleaner, more sanitary work environment is very beneficial to both the workers and the company.  Air-borne particles are prevented from entering the work environment from outside, thus cutting down dramatically the risk of allergies or infection.  It is also very helpful to keep insects out of the workplace. Warehouse products are protected from the dust and mess that is generated in the working part of the warehouse, thus keeping the environment clean.


Energy costs are also a consideration when deciding whether to install an air curtain in your business

The blast of air helps regulate temperature inside the building, thus helping to keep the operational energy costs down.  Cold air conditioning remains cold, and heated air remains warm and comfortable for both workers and customers.  Even when doors are left open, as is often the case with large overhead doors such as is seen in warehouses or bay areas, the air curtain does its job.  The costs incurred with the running of the air curtain are easily balanced against the costs of not running it.  Heating and air conditioning that is allowed to escape the building costs much more than the price of installing and working your air curtain.  Warehouse expenses are also cut down not only by energy costs, but by having fewer employees utilize their sick time because of illness or allergies caused by small dust particles.

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May 27, 2015

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