What is an Air Curtain? A Buying Guide

What is an Air Curtain? A Buying Guide

If you own a business in Los Angeles, but are not sure what an air curtain is, you may be surprised to find out that it is a stream of air that is blown from the top of a door way to the bottom. Simple, right? Of course you have seen these before when you walk into a store and as you pass through the doorway you are hit with a blast of air.

The idea behind an air curtain is to keep cold air inside of the building while also keeping harmful pollutants, pests, etc. out. The air curtain is typically used in place of plastic flaps that hang down in the doorway, which in themselves are a pain to get through, especially when they want to stick to you.

So Why an Air Curtain?

Although it seems fairly simple enough, there is reason behind an air curtain. Air from one side of the curtain is unable to pass to the other side. The air curtain creates a barrier between the two sides and only people can pass through.

Insulation Purposes

Air curtains are perfect for insulation purposes and most often used for this reason. If you have a warehouse or refrigeration unit that you need to keep open or enter multiple times a day, an air curtain helps keep the interior of your warehouse and refrigeration system cool even though it is blazing hot outside.

The air curtain pushes the warm air back outside and like mentioned above, will keep pests and pollutants out as well.

Where Does the Air Curtain Go?

The air curtain sits above your doorway where you need it to be. There is a vent that is mounted above the doorway and will extend the length of the doorway.

Type of Air Curtain

There are two main types of air curtains when you begin shopping for them. The first one is an air curtain that continuously blows and creates a curtain of air. You often see this type of application in a store or in the entrance to a hospital. The curtain continuously flows without shutting on and off. It must be manually turned off.

The second type of air curtain is one that only turns on when a specific door is opened. The air curtain only activates when you open a specific door such as a walk-in freezer. The air blows for a few seconds and then turns off when the door is shut. This helps keep the air contained in the freezer and prevents dusk and bugs from zooming into the refrigerator or freezer when you open the door.

Air curtains are beneficial to your business and they help keep your costs down by eliminating contamination or spoilage from the door opening too much. The system installs easily and is mounted in place for safe operation.

When you are in need of an air curtain in Los Angeles, you should choose one that is the size of your doorway, otherwise it would make no sense to have one.

April 29, 2015

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