Benefits of Fire Doors

Benefits of Fire Doors


Fire doors are a necessary part of any commercial building, whether it be a business, a school, a hospital or nursing home, or a warehouse.  There are a variety of sizes in doors available, according to the type of door and what gage it is rated at.  These doors are designed with one main function in mind:  to prevent the spread of flames and smoke throughout a facility, thus allowing the inhabitants of that building time to escape.  The doors are often rated with a length of time and level of heat it can withstand.  For example, a door may be rated to withstand a high level of heat for up to four hours.

Fire doors give passive fire protection

They may be closed manually or with a motorized mechanism. Fire doors are usually hollow metal doors, with polystyrene filler that has been rated for fire safety.  The doors are developed to close and seal off an area, lessening the spread of fire.  Often, warehouses and cafeterias will have doors that are made up of perforated slats.  These slats are made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, or a clear anodized aluminum.  There are various gages the doors may be rated at, according to the type of door that is needed.  These rolling steel or aluminum doors must be (UL) approved, with fire testing and certifications available.  Hollow metal doors, such as is seen in schools or hospitals, can even have windows in them.  The windows are in internal doors, usually with wire-mesh glass such as Georgian wired mesh.  They may also contain liquid sodium silicate, ceramic glass, or Borosilicate glass.  These windows are also subject to product certification for ultimate fire safety.

Of course, even the best of fire doors is only useful if it is utilized correctly

Fire doors should never be propped open, blocked, or locked shut on the inside.  Carpet should never be run underneath of the door.  The gage-rating label and any certifications should never be removed or painted over, and should always be visible for inspection.  All types of fire doors should be fitted properly so no gaps are present.


Barr Commercial Door, which serves the southern California area, is committed to the maximum level of safety for its clients

 When looking at High Cycle Operation, NFPA 80 standard protection, figuring out the proper size, weight and type of door, and how to determine if it should be a manual or motorized door, we are here to help any building find the right one for it. Fire may strike at any moment, and a properly installed fire door may mean the difference between life and death for the people inside that building.  All of us have heard of the heartbreak of events that could have easily been prevented if only basic fire safety standards had been followed. Whether one wants to protect a hospital or nursing home, a pharmacy or cafeteria, even a large warehouse, the correct fire door will help prevent a tragedy.


May 14, 2015

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