Automatic Sliding Doors: A Worthy Business Investment

Automatic Sliding Doors: A Worthy Business Investment

business-investmentIt is common to see glass sliding doors across homes. However, when it comes to commercial environments, they are a necessity of modern businesses. Regardless of whether you are operating a retail store, a restaurant, or a bigger commercial facility such as a hospital, automatic sliding doors are indispensable to managing the flow of customer traffic.

Here are some remarkable benefits of installing automatic sliding glass doors and why they are worthy business investments:


Automatic sliding doors convey a unique element of style, elegance and functionality. Moreover, they add aesthetic appeal to the facility, showcasing what contemporary businesses look like. Automatic glass sliding doors also have shiny, wide glass panes that appeal to customers.


Businesses often hire physically impaired people as a part of their workforce. Similarly, parents often carry babies in their arms or in the stroller in shopping malls, hospitals and hotels. Automatic sliding glass doors are customer-friendly in general. Since these doors open and close mechanically, customers no longer have to manually operate them.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

What could be the most off-putting thing for customers? Consistently opening and closing a manual door as crowds of people enter and leave the facility all day. Apart from creating disturbances, it brings in huge amount dust and dirt into the office, contaminating the indoor air quality.

On the other hand, automatic sliding doors are cost-effective and energy-efficient.  They allow sufficient light to the premises, increasing visibility and saving utility bills. Now you know why they’re called green inlets for businesses.

Suitable for Larger Merchandise

Automatic sliding doors are typically large-sized. They are two times bigger than the size of standard doors. They not only let big-sized merchandise easily enter the store, but also allow furniture items, bedding, Christmas trees and other stuff to enter/exit the facility without damage or wear & tear.

Security and Transparency

Even though these doors are considered to be delicate and easily broken, they are actually made using tempered glass that’s very tough. Some materials are supposed to be five times stronger than standard safety glass doors.  In addition, automatic sliding doors are transparent but extremely secure.

Contemporary aesthetics. Expansive views. Added functionality. Every business needs automatic sliding glass doors.  As one of the leading automatic door solution providers in Orange County, CA, we offer commercial glass door installation, repair and maintenance services. Browse our commercial door section to find a range of exterior doors, sectional doors, automatic swing doors, automatic glass sliding doors, and more.

December 24, 2016

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