Comparative Analysis: Framed or Frameless Glass Doors

Comparative Analysis: Framed or Frameless Glass Doors

The world has evolved in a better way—and corporate interior decor has come a long way since then.

From office rooms to meeting rooms, conference halls and even washrooms, each and every area of your business must look and feel contemporary.

Among all the recent innovations, frameless glass doors are certainly an ‘in’ thing today. However, there are framed glass doors as well.

To help clear your confusion, here is a brief comparison of framed and frameless glass doors, and how they can add value and appeal to your business setting.

Framed or Frameless Glass Doors?

  • To begin with, frameless glass doors provide business with a complete glass look for closing-off separate rooms. However, framed doors fail to provide that 100% glass-look.

  • Frameless glass doors are probably one of the most modern and high-end options when it comes to attaining a glassy appearance. On the other hand, framed glass doors appear to be obsolete and average. However, both options can make the rooms look spacious.

  • Framed glass doors help in defining the overall structure of door. It attracts more attention the closure space than the frameless ones.

  • It must be noted that frameless glass doors usually require more fabricated glass than the framed ones. Therefore, the construction of frameless doors demands more attention to detail, accuracy and craftsmanship – a few things which framed glass doors don’t need at all.

  • In framed glass doors, the thinner portion of the glass is covered in an aluminum casing in order to tightly fix the glass. However, when it comes to frameless glass doors, this mechanism isn’t required at all.

  • Unlike framed glass doors, the manufacturing of the frameless ones requires an architectural glass. Why? That’s because frameless glass doors need to maintain the structural wellbeing of the overall door by making use of solid and strong materials and components.

  • Another important difference between framed and frameless glass doors is that the former is far easier to clean as it has a smoother surface. Having said that, the framed ones are trickier to clean merely because of their frames and panels on the edges.

It goes without saying that frameless glass doors are getting increasingly popular – thanks to its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Since they provide an easy flow from inside and outside living, you can rely on us as we can provide you with  frameless glass doors. We’ve been undertaking frameless door installation and repair for 39 years now. So, you can count on us for excellent and economical door installation services in Riverside, San Bernardino, and Orange County. Simply call us at 909-825-8910 or 714-575-5270 to hire our services.

November 19, 2016

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