Adding Appeal to Offices with Frameless Glass Doors

Adding Appeal to Offices with Frameless Glass Doors

glass-doorsStatistics state that nearly 68% of all offices in the US are based on ‘open plans’ or ‘open seating’ designs. Such offices are divided by low or no walls at all. Rest of the office rooms are usually separated with glass walls or doors. With glass doors, business owners can strike the right balance between personal and joint spaces that fulfill several functions.

Frameless glass doors encourage improved communication, added energy, better lighting, and modern and extensive views. From décor to utility, frameless glass doors can fulfill a range of purposes for contemporary offices.

Beyond the Aesthetic Appeal

Whether home or office, full-glass, frameless doors are secure, inviting and pleasing in terms of physical value. Serving as superior options for entrance, you can also install frameless glass doors within the office for conference and meeting rooms.

Typically, frameless glass doors are meticulously designed and crafted as per the highest standards of performance and quality. Moreover, they are available in a wide variety of designs. Glass doors can be easily customized according to varying office needs, and can be enhanced to complement the corporate environment you’re working in. Full-glass frameless doors are very easy to repair and maintain by dedicated commercial door repair specialists, making them ideal choices for businesses.

At Barr Commercial Door, we work around the needs of customers, providing them with full-glass frameless doors that convey style, functionality and modernity.

The Craftsmanship

Full-glass frameless doors provide customers with exquisite value in terms of price, quality, and durability. Once they are fitted at the workplace, frameless glass doors fill the space like a breath of fresh air – something rarely offered by other commercial doors. The full-glass welcomes customers and guests, contributing to the overall size of the area where it is installed.

The glass in frameless doors comes in a range of thickness, meeting the specific needs of the area where it needs to be installed. The standard thickness of a pane ranges between 1/4th of an inch to 1 inch. Moreover, hardware styles also provide security-conscious customers with possible solutions. As far as the handle rails are considered, you can opt for chrome, brass and bronze finishes as well.

Attention to Detail

When choosing handles, you’ll come across an overwhelming variety. From half-circle installations to vertical bars, horizontal handles, and more, there are many options with glass doors. Once installed, the repairs can be effectively handled, without fully replacing the hardware. Moreover, you can also choose to install panic bars to assign these doors as emergency exits.

Full-glass frameless doors provide the right combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Our door specialists will have you covered for installation, repair and maintenance of frameless glass door services in Orange County, including fire proof doors and a range of commercial doors. Call 714-575-5270 for estimations or requesting services.

December 27, 2016

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