A Complete Guide to Fire Doors

A Complete Guide to Fire Doors

Beyond the ordinary and extraordinary doors that are found in the market for commercial purposes, fire doors serve and fulfill a unique function.

They are exceptionally important, but unfortunately, disregarded by most businesses today. It wouldn’t be wrong to categorize fire doors as ultimate safety devices that form an integral part of manufacturing facilities, work stations, public premises, and even homes.

What Are Fire Doors?

Fire doors aid in slowing down the escalation of fire and smoke across a commercial building. With this door, you can keep the fire limited to a specific area for a longer span of time. Consequently, people are provided enough time to exit the premises and curtail the damage.

Moreover, fire doors provide fire fighters with increased time to put off the fire breakout and rescue people stuck inside.

What Differentiates Fire Doors From Conventional Doors?

Fire doors are constructed to endure fire for a given time, on average at least 30 minutes. This added time allows people stuck inside the building to evacuate.

Fire doors are generally manufactured through rock-hard construction or finished using a unique core, frequently flax plank or a wood compound material that takes time to burn down. In most occasions, fire doors are also constructed using exclusive seals that are fixed into the door or its frame. These seals secure the door when it’s exposed to heat. As a result, it prevents the fire from spreading or reaching the rims of the door.

Is Installing A Fire Door Different From Other Doors?

Of course. Given the fact that fire doors are primarily life-saving, they ought to be fitted and secured in the most optimum manner.

How fire doors are installed have a huge say in its performance over time. Generally, the installation and fitting instructions come along with the door, but it’s suggested that you resort to a door installation company to prevent any risks.  These professionals are experienced enough to assess that the elements being used are well-matched, as well as the use of seals.

The range of fire and smoke doors at Barr Commercial Door are exclusively to be used for security and protection against fire. Some of our clients who heavily purchase these doors include hospitals, pharmacies, ticket counters, and cafes & restaurants.

Needless to say, fire doors form a part of a building’s fire protection system. To place your orders, call us at our Los Angeles number 800-825-3667 or browse through our projects gallery to witness some of our work.

July 18, 2016

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