Accordion Grilles: Adding Style and Security

Accordion Grilles: Adding Style and Security

Fulfilling security and opening needs, accordion grilles are one of the most popular options today – and there are reasons for it. With a wide-ranging application in commercial businesses, accordion grilles are perfect for places where there are height limitations or reduced overhead access.

Nevertheless, accordion grilles can also be installed in wide and open commercial places, including shopping malls, massive retail centers, and even warehouses and store rooms.

To convince you why accordion grilles are the choice of modern businesses when it comes to adding security with style, we have some persuasive reasons stated below:

Accordion Grilles are Appealing and Secure

Accordion grilles offer a flawless storefront impression for expansive commercial places before and after business hours. Despite possessing a polished, appealing and a delicate appearance, accordion grilles are well-built and secure. In addition, they have a perfect application in areas where installing and monitoring security can be difficult. This is because accordion grilles can perform double duty by offering a pleasant, yet impassable, exterior.

Light-Weight and User-Friendly

Not all your employees can effortlessly operate heavy and towering commercial doors. On the other hand, accordion grilles eliminate these concerns as they function similar to a top-to-bottom secure storefront that can be easily operated. Even physically disabled employees who cannot work with heavy weights can easily open and shut accordion grilles due to their light weight. Most of them are outfitted with motor operators to simplify operations.

Durable and Robust

Being one of the most durable and strong commercial doors, accordion grilles are long lasting and durable. However, just like anything, they also require maintenance and preventative care at routine intervals. However, do not take up repair and maintenance of accordion grilles yourself. The best way to prolong their life is seeking professional assistance of a commercial door repair and service company that houses highly trained personnel for efficient grille repair and maintenance.

Moreover, for daily functioning, it’s wise to inform your employees on its appropriate usage for extended life. For instance, explain to them that accordion grilles must be operated cautiously with a light touch. This will prevent jamming. In addition, given that accordion grilles don’t need a floor track, it is vital to keep the floor clear to prevent debris and trash from building up in the grille.

At Barr Commercial Door, we have a variety of accordion grilles, including rolling and side-folding options. To get the best security, call us now at 714-575-5270 to place your order.

August 18, 2016

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