Why are my Commercial Doors Making a Grinding Sound?

Why are my Commercial Doors Making a Grinding Sound?

Are your commercial doors making unusual sounds? If you’re a commercial door owner but you aren’t a carpenter, then you probably aren’t quite sure as to why your door is making a grinding noise whenever you open and close it. Thankfully, there are quite a few solutions that will hopefully stop your door from making that awful noise.


Lubricate the Door


It’s possible that your door is just a little squeaky from repeated use. This is a solution for older doors, but could apply to newer ones as well. First, you want to lubricate the door frame so that if the door is scraping anything, it can move past the obstacle for the time being. Then, try the handle and door latch to check if one of the mechanisms is malfunctioning. Finally, the metal bolts keeping your door connected to the archway should be lubricated to release any tension the door has created on them.


Reduce the Size


If need be, call a carpenter or door installer to shave off some of your door. It’s quite possible that the door is scraping against the floor, ceiling, wall or arch when it opens and closes. Although lubrication can solve this for a short while, it is best to reduce the size of the door before it starts to ruin whatever it is hitting.


Check for a Blockage


Is there something blocking the door? Perhaps it’s something that isn’t easily noticed by the naked eye. It could be something as small as a staple or a nail. Slide your fingers under the door frame and on all sides of the door to check for obstructions.


Check for Loose Materials


It’s possible that a loose bolt or screw could have caused the door to become dislodged. If a door is dislodged, it makes it easier for it to scrape against floors and walls. If anything is loose, make sure to tighten it and assess the door’s status afterwards.


Roll Up Doors


If your commercial door rolls up, then there could be something wrong with the switch. Ask an electrician to check the wiring and connectivity of the switch to the door to see if there could be a blockage or short circuit. If that doesn’t work, then check the door and door chains for rust.


Contact a Professional


If none of these approaches work, then you may want to consider calling a commercial door company like Barr Door in order to get a prognosis. These companies have highly trained professionals that will let you know if your door is repairable or not. Make sure to ask for an estimate before they start to work.

There are many different courses of action to take when your commercial door is making a grinding noise. It’s up to you, the door owner who can see and assess the door, to pick the solution that works best for you. If you’re trying to save money, then try as many of these solutions as you can before hiring a professional. 

October 14, 2015

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