Here Are the Benefits of Installing A Steel and Wood Sectional Door at Your Office

Here Are the Benefits of Installing A Steel and Wood Sectional Door at Your Office

Sectional doors are the ideal option, combining versatility and aesthetic appeal. When it comes to commercial doors however, not many door repair and installation companies offer both. This is why business and office owners often have to compromise with an entrance door that may be high on functionality, lacks in the looks department.

Not anymore as Barr Commercial Door now offers steel and wooden sectional doors that are ideal for any business! What are sectional doors and how do they work? Read on to learn more;

What Is A Sectional Steel and Wooden Door?

Sectional or roll-up sectional doors are made from steel and wooden components. These can easily be rolled up in a track and rest overhead and horizontally flat at the entrance of the building. The steel and wooden sectional doors offered by Barr Commercial Door are made up of 12” to 20” inch high sections (either with or without windows) and equipped with a pass through door.

What Are The Benefits Of These Doors?

The primary benefits are;

Weather Resistance

Steel and wood sectional doors offer protection against rust and corrosion due to the layer of zinc that door manufacturers coat the door with to make it weather resistant. This means outside elements and the weather cannot damage the inside.

Easy To Maintain and Install

Due to being incredibly lightweight, steel and wooden sectional doors are very easy to install. Of course, DIY installation isn’t recommended if you want a proper job. A professional commercial door installation company should be hired which will make the job easy and place less stress on the building’s framing.

The Features Offered By Barr Commercial Door

Home and business owners should both invest in a steel and wooden sectional roll-up door because they offer;

  • An automatic motor operation with a number of control options
  • Options to have full or partial windows
  • Safety reversing devices
  • An insulated option to control sound or temperature

Purchasing a steel and wooden sectional door from a well-known and experienced door repair and installation company is recommended by the experts of door repair and installation, namely Barr Commercial Door. We offer a fast, friendly and expert service when it comes to the client’s needs and offer wide variety of doors. Take a look at them now.



February 2, 2016

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