4 Signs You Should Get Your Wooden Door Repaired ASAP

4 Signs You Should Get Your Wooden Door Repaired ASAP

1Wooden doors have the power to turn even the most simplest of entrances into something sophisticated and stylish. However, over time, the door, because of lack of maintenance, may lose its appeal.

Due to their durable nature, homeowners use them for years without noticing the wear and tear; when they do (often during renovation or an interior upgrade), it’s often too late.

While doors like everything else needs to get replaced eventually, when is the right time to do so seems to be an important question asked by many. We at Barr Commercial Door Company have the answer;

Sign # 1: They Fail To Keep Out Noise

One important function of the front door is that outside noise is effectively blocked out, or at least reduced to a significant level. This is why a good quality wooden door is especially important for homeowners who live on a busy street or a high traffic area. The front door must be replaced when outdoor noise isn’t being kept to a minimum.

Sign # 2: They Are Drafts underneath the Door

Air that sometimes comes from underneath the door is able to tamper with the overall climate of a home. This tells homeowners that their front doors are no longer energy efficient, and therefore, must be replaced with a newer model.

Sign # 3: There’s Water under the Door When It Rains

If you see water seeping under the door, this implies that the home could be facing structural issues. This is why it is important to examine the doors in your home. Doing so will ensure you identify issues before it gets serious. When this happens, there’s a big possibility of the wooden frame of the door to rot, which would either require repair of that door or installation of another.


Sign # 4: The Door Has Broken Locks, Handles and Hinges

Purchasing and installing a new door would be a better option; especially if the current one is old and in dire need of repairs on the handles, locks and hinges. While the Barr Commercial Door Company is able to repair doors quite well, in many cases, replacing the door is more cost-effective.

The following tips will provide a better understanding regarding the proper time to replace your wooden front door. Of course, get in touch with Barr Commercial Door Company if you’re still unclear whether to have the door repaired or replaced, and we’ll take care of the rest.


February 3, 2016

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