What are the Most Popular Types of Commercial Doors?

What are the Most Popular Types of Commercial Doors?

When it comes to commercial establishments, commercial doors are one of the most imperative features in the building; these doors are designed to complement requirements geared toward safety and security as well as catering to an ease of operation. There are currently a large number of styles and variety of materials that these doors can be installed in and each and every one has their own unique features. While one door may be better suited to a certain type of establishment they are all built with security and safety as the main objective and the quality of these doors are such that the maintenance and management of these features stays very low. If you are wondering which commercial door will best fit your establishment, take a look at these examples of some of the most popular doors.

Rolling Steel Commercial Doors

Rolling steel doors are perfect for commercial industrial properties that are designed to be utilized as entrances for trucks and large automobile entrances. The process is simple; as the name suggests, these rolling doors open up vertically and roll up into the cylinder shaped canister that is usually mounted over the door opening. The steel material adds to the durability and security of this option and you have the option of operating it manually or with a motor. The option of adding in windows for outdoor viewing is also an option for those who want the extra security of knowing who is outside.

Commercial Roof Hatches

If you require a high security operating door to control access to the high levels of your commercial building then investing in a roof hatch may be the best option for you. These specialized types of doors are not frequently utilized but are among some of the most frequently installed commercial doors. To guarantee performance quality is crucial to these doors and in order to benefit from its promised security appropriate locking systems are needed to prevent break-ins and ensure easy exiting in case of emergencies.

Impact Commercial Doors

If your institution is considered more of a high traffic area such as a warehouse or certain dining establishments then you may want to install yourself an impact door. These sorts of doors open up whenever they are subject to some sort of impact and are ideal when using carts to tow materials. Safety for users may be an issue if not handled properly as these doors rapidly swing open both ways when impacted and can injure the staff if they do not remain alert. However this can be avoided by the window that is usually built-in to these doors; the windows increase functionally and lower the risk for injuries.

If you are searching for the perfect commercial door to install then the options are very many and each possesses unique features. To find the door that best compliments your establishment, make a list of the special requirements needed for your business and do a bit of research. Barr Commercial Door has a well composed list of the types of commercial doors available on the market for your use.

November 25, 2015

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