Low Energy vs. Fully Automatic Doors in Riverside County

Low Energy vs. Fully Automatic Doors in Riverside County

If you are looking to install automatic doors in your home or business, you might be wondering what your options are. Well as you may know, there are two different kinds of fully automatic and low energy. There are a few differences between both of these doors and you may be wondering what they are. Well no worries, we are here to give you an idea on how they both work and their benefits. Just keep in mind that in the end, the decision is completely yours.

Low Energy Doors

There are several benefits to using low energy doors for our needs. Low energy means that you are going to have a lower electric bill every month. However, this also means that you are going to have to put more work into opening the door compared to a fully automatic door. Low energy doors are pedestrian ran. Meaning you give them a little push and it absorbs the power to open the rest of the way on its own. However, that also means it is going to take less work to maintain because there are less objects to break or go wrong. This not only saves you money upon installation, but it will save you money in the long run as well. Another benefit of these doors is that they meet all types of fire door requirements. If you are in the position where you don’t necessarily need a fully automatic door, then low energy doors may be the best option for you.

High Energy or Fully Automatic Doors

Automatic doors come in more than just the commercial doors. These doors are also used for drive-thru window, revolving doors, and even swing open handicap doors. Fully automatic doors are a great addition to your home or business. These doors either work at the push of a button over even motion-sensed doors. They are great for the homes of the elderly, or companies that work with frequent traffic or shops. The downside of these doors is that they are going to cost you a ton more on your electric bill. Not enough to break you, but there will be a difference between these and low energy ones. They also cost more to install and maintain, however, if you feel you really need them then these are the doors for you.

Questions to Ask Yourself

As stated above, it is entirely up to you on which doors you choose. However, here are a few questions to help you make up your mind.

1. Is speed a concern? Do you need it to open more quickly or are you okay with it being slower?
2. Are you okay with opening manually? Do you need something that is opened by a sensor?
3. Do the energy costs affect your feelings towards the doors?

The above are just three questions to ask yourself. If you have questions for the door companies, contact Barr Commercial Door today. They can assist you in any and all of your door needs.

November 4, 2015

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