Top 3 Benefits Of Installing Scissor Gates

Top 3 Benefits Of Installing Scissor Gates

1As one of the most popular type of security gates, scissor gates are installed in various commercial facilities. From driveways to warehouses, these doors are preferred as they allow both ventilation and security.

These gates are easily recognizable; their patterned grilles being especially suitable in vulnerable areas. Schools and other buildings with pedestrian traffic also use these doors for added security.

At Barr Commercial Door, we make sure every installation is optimized to meet your business needs. If you’re still on the fence about scissor gates, here are some benefits to help you decide.

1.     Added security

Scissor gates are used to protect the interiors from theft and other security threats. These are mainly installed at storefronts to provide security after hours.

Size as well as strength of scissor gates makes them ideal for protecting building when not in use. These gates can be locked with a simple padlock ensuring high level of security.

Their steel frame makes the impenetrable for those trying to break in. These gates are also durable and long lasting.

2.     Multiple styles and designs

1Typically, scissor gates are painted black for a professional and slightly intimidating look. Since the purpose of installation is security, the design matches function.

However, other colors can also be opted for to match the surroundings of a business. These gates can be powder coated with another color if requested by a client.

Other than color, design options are also available. With a custom style or color, scissor gates can meet your preference to ensure high security with an attractive look.

3.     Prevent unauthorized access

While scissor gates are often used as entrance gates for storefronts, these can also be installed to close a specific area.

For instance, you can get the frameless glass doors for your building’s entrance and protect the surrounding area with scissor gates.

This will help you prevent unauthorized access to you space. Individuals around the area won’t be able to wander inside without prior approval. This last bit is especially useful for warehouses and factories. This will ensure you peace of mind, particularly when you’re not around.

While scissor gates promise high security, they’re as good as the hands that install them. So don’t take risk when it comes to commercial door repair and installation.

At Barr Commercial door, you’ll find a range of security gates for business. Our door installation professionals have years of experience with these door options. Contact us today to avail these services.

October 18, 2016

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