Repair or Buy a New Commercial Door?

Repair or Buy a New Commercial Door?

If your San Diego commercial door is having problems or has been damaged due to an accident, you may be wondering whether you should replace it or have it repaired. The decision can be difficult, especially when you are tight on money or you are not sure about your options. Before you choose whether to repair or replace the door, consider the following things.

When to Replace Your Commercial Door

There are times when replacing your commercial door is much more efficient than spending the time repairing it. If your commercial door has been damaged, you should replace it. Damage causes the door to wear down and lose its integrity. The more you continue to use the door, the more chances you risk of the door not functioning correctly.

Damage caused to your commercial door can be due to normal wear and tear on the door, the hardware associated with the door, and damage caused by the weather or someone knocking into it. Your door will eventually need to be replaced in this situation so it is best to do it first and avoid additional repairs and money.

If you want to replace your door for cosmetic reasons, you should. You often cannot fix cosmetic things to a door such as the way to looks and more. If you feel your door is unsightly due to scratches and dents, consider replacing it and don’t waste time on repairs.

When to Repair Your Door

If your door has a loose screw or it is simply not opening correctly, repairing those aspects of the door can save you money. You do not have to replace the door when a screw comes loose unless the hardware is completely stripped and falling apart.

When your door is not safe and opens incorrectly, you can have it repaired. You do not need to replace the entire door for safety reasons, unless you believe the door will end up causing harm to one of your customers. Often times, simple adjustments can be made to improve the door and make it safe once again.

Consider Your Budget

Before you begin replacing or repairing your commercial door in San Diego, consider your budget. Sometimes, one repair can mean another round of repairs, but what if you do not have the money for a new door? You need to sit down and price out everything first. If you do replace the door now, you could be saving yourself more money in the long run. The choice is dictated by what you can afford to spend and what you want to spend.

The trick to choosing between a repair and a replacement is simple; when there is nothing wrong with the door itself, it should be repaired. If the door itself is damaged, it should be replaced. Find the best solution for your commercial door and go with it. You will be happy to have a functioning and beautiful commercial door in San Diego once again. 

September 23, 2015

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