How to Shop for Drive-Thru Windows

How to Shop for Drive-Thru Windows


If you own a business San Bernardino, a drive-thru is not only convenient for you, but it is convenient for your guests as well. People enjoy being able to pull up to the restaurant of their choice and order what they need without having to get out of the vehicle. In reality, most people will avoid eating somewhere just because there is no drive-thru option.

If you are opening a drive-thru in your San Bernardino business or you simply want to upgrade the window on your existing one, you need to pick the proper window prior to installing it. If you choose the wrong window, you may have problems later on down the road.

If you need a new drive-thru window, consider the following tips to choose the right window.

Pick the Right Size

The size of your drive-thru window should fit in the designated space appropriately. If you purchase a window that is too big for the space, you will find yourself carving out additional wall space to make it fit. Small windows can leave gaps and openings allowing bugs to get in to your business. Take the measurements of your window first and then find the right window to fit the space.

Type of Glass

Before you settle on the first window you see, consider the type of glass you want for your drive-thru window. You can choose from bullet-proof glass, temperature-resistant options, and more. The type of glass you choose will directly affect your business. If you go with impact-resistant windows, your employees will feel much safer behind the window and you will feel confident knowing your drive-thru window will last during storms and more.

Type of Opening

There are a variety of window opening options from sliding windows to in and out openings. The type of opening you choose should reflect the type of business you have. For instance, a window that opens in and out may be easier for someone who runs a fast food business as you can quickly grab and go.

Sliding windows are another option that provide security as they latch and lock once the window is closed. The type of window you want for your drive-thru is one that is easy for your employees to use and it should provide protection to them.

When choosing a drive-thru window in San Bernardino, find one that works for your company and business. If you have a restaurant, you do not want a drive-thru window that is difficult to open or takes too much effort to open it. This will only delay the time it takes to get food out to your customers and your customers will become frustrated.

Windows that lock or have a security feature on them provide extra protection and peace of mind. You should choose drive-thru windows that latch or lock with the flip of a switch for ease of use. You are ultimately the only one who can choose the best window for your business. Make sure the window is practical, functional, and affordable.

April 14, 2015

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