How to Shop for an Automatic Door

How to Shop for an Automatic Door

If you are ready to purchase an automatic door opener in Los Angeles, you will be among the millions of homeowners who enjoy the convenience of not having to manually open their door. There are a number of reasons why people choose to install an automatic opener in their home and most of the time it is for convenience purposes. If you are ready to shop for a new door opener, consider the options you have available and always make the best informed decision you can.

Overall Horse Power of the Machine

When shopping for automatic doors, you need to consider the horse power of the machine you are choosing. The lower the horse power, the slower the door will open. A door opener with 1/2 horsepower is one of the most popular options available and chosen by many homeowners. This garage door opener is able to lift most residential garage doors without a problem.

Your next option is the 3/4 horse power opener, which is ideal if you are looking for a motor and opener that will last you a long time. The opener is faster than the 1/2 horse power. The 3/4 horse power option is best if you have a heavy garage door made from wood or another material.

Your last option is a total of 1 horse power. This opener is top of the line and offers the fastest and most durable motor available to homeowners. This opener is able to lift just about every door and is efficient for use in your home.

Your Use for the Automatic Door

Depending on your needs for the automatic door opener, you may prefer one brand or type over another. Some openers come with a remote control or a keychain control for you to quickly open your door when you are approaching it.

If you are in need of an automatic door because you are disabled or elderly, you may want to choose one that opens quicker and one that you can open from a longer distance away. There are many options to consider from the style to the efficiency of the machine.

Style of the Automatic Door

There are a number of choices of styles available for you to choose from in San Diego. You can choose from a belt drive, screw drive, or chain drive. The type of style you choose will directly affect how your door is opened and what doors it can open.

The chain drive is one of the most common types of styles and can lift heavy garage doors. In addition, a chain drive is perfect for almost any door type.

Get a New Automatic Door Installed

If you are in need of a new automatic door for your Riverside home, weigh your options against your need for the door and you will be able to make the best decision for your home. When choosing your automatic door, always remember the type of door you have so that you can choose an opener that is able to lift the door efficiently.

April 22, 2015

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