Avoid These Injuries and Skip DIY Overhead Door Repairs

Avoid These Injuries and Skip DIY Overhead Door Repairs


We all love saving money. For most business owners it’s more of a necessity than a want. When times are tough or when there’s a seemingly more important issue requiring money, it’s easy to think a do-it-yourself option is viable. While seemingly innocent, playing DIY with your overhead door repair can lead to disastrous consequences. It’s not because you aren’t skilled or independent enough to handle the job, it’s because the job is best left to people who handle this work every single day. Sure, anyone can get injured trying to repair an overhead door, but the odds of a professional having it happen are far lower.


Here are just a few common injuries that may or may not occur:


Deep cuts and wounds – this is a big one. Combine sharp metal edges with tools and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Not only are deep cuts painful and messy, they can also have longterm effects. Injuring a vein, nerve or tendon can cause you the type of pain that lasts forever. It isn’t easily remedied and sometimes you can’t ever recover completely. Even if you don’t cause permanent damage you might just cause permanent scarring. Don’t even get us started talking about possible infections! Working in commercial spaces usually means that there is a ton of bacteria and dirt just waiting to find their way into cuts and scrapes. An infection can lead to a variety of problems.


Falls and broken bones – these are injuries that are consistently seen in emergency rooms around the world and they can have terrible consequences. A fall can result in broken bones but it can also cause concussions and permanent brain damage. If you fall onto something else and hit your head incorrectly, it can even cause your death. Broken bones are nothing to scoff at either. Not only are they painful, but healing broken bones is a long process that will hinder your ability to work and do the activities you enjoy most.


Electrocution – many people seem to forget that commercial doors often involve some sort of an electrical component. If you don’t have any experience with electricity, this can be a very dangerous undertaking. Electrocution can lead to a variety of health issues including internal burns and even death. It can also cause you to fall and have a bone broken at the same time.


When it comes to overhead door repairs, it really is best to leave it to experts like those at www.barrdoor.com. If you’re in the Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles or San Diego Counties, they can handle all of your problems quickly and easily. While it might seem like a good idea to tackle repairs yourself to save money, you might just end up costing yourself a fortune in the end. Medical bills can add up quickly and recovery time will take you off the clock and away from your business. If saving time and money is your goal, you can’t afford NOT to ring up the professionals to do it properly the first time around.

July 15, 2015

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