3 Tips to Keep Your Warehouse Doors in Good Shape

3 Tips to Keep Your Warehouse Doors in Good Shape

1Whether it is cold storage, general merchandize storehouse, or a bank depot, every warehouse needs a door. Warehouse doors not only control access, but also allow for the protection of materials and information. By restricting access to specific areas, these doors allow companies to maintain safety and business integrity.

In order to be effective, warehouse doors require regular maintenance and repair to stay in good shape and serve the purpose in the best possible manner. Not only does it help businesses make their property safer and more secure, but also enable them to extend the efficiency and life of their doors. Also, it helps companies identify potential problems before they become an issue which could lead to reduced downtime and related costs.

Let’s have a look at how you can keep your warehouse door in good shape and receive the various benefits warehouse doors offer.

1.     Clean the Warehouse Door Often

1Warehouse doors are constantly exposed to dirt and grime which is often assumed to be harmless. As a matter of fact, grime build up on the track of the door can cause your door to get stuck, and consequently fail to function over time. Keeping this in mind, you should clean the tracks on a regular basis to get rid of all the dirt and grime. Also, clean the outside of the door with a pressure washer, cleaning spray, or other washing solutions. If you leave the dust or dirt for too long, it may affect the functionality of the door.


2.     Lubricate Moving Parts Regularly

Although most people understand the significance of regular lubrication of moving parts, very few pay attention to it. Adding a little bit of lubricant to all the moving parts of the door from time to time can allow efficient movement of the door, leading to consistent functionality and prolonged life.

3.     Perform Regular Inspection

As business owner, you need to ensure proper maintenance of the property to make sure your employees are safe. Therefore, you should have your property inspected regularly to check if the warehouse doors are in good working order and safe to use for your employees.

The protection of your commercial property does not end with installation of security components. Rather, it requires consistent preventive maintenance of the security system to maintain the integrity of your building, especially when you have valuables in the premises.

Whether you want to install a security gate in your property or are considering repairing your doors, contact us to get the most reliable door installation and repairing services.





August 28, 2015

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