Why Do Fire Departments Now Recommend Sectional Doors

Why Do Fire Departments Now Recommend Sectional Doors

Commercial doors are designed with safety, security, and efficiency in mind; however, not all types of commercial doors provide an easy operation when the problems of fires arise. Some of these doors can actually make it more difficult for firemen when they are required to speedily exit the station and arrive on a source; fire stations also require a sort durability and simplicity that allows for easy control of the doors and a large amount of spacing for fire trucks. If you are looking for a commercial door that provides the necessary functions needed for establishment such as fire departments and other first responder departments then sectional doors are considered the most reliable of choices. Here are some reasons why fire departments recommend the installation and use of sectional doors.

Ease of Access

Sectional doors are created with not only security in mind but also with the intent of convenience; this is very important when it involves the active nature of fire stations and other first responder establishments. Firemen need to be able to quickly and effectively transport fire apparatuses and the overhead and controlled nature of sectional doors allows them to do just that. Not only is the operation speed but the doors and the full height of the opening creates the necessary amount of space for the emergency vehicles to leave and enter without any issues.

Temperature Control

Sectional doors offer the option of being constructed for thermal efficiency and climate control; these doors can incorporate a flexible weatherproof seal at the bottom that reduces the conductivity of heat and cold lowers the chance of air and water saturation and accommodates other rough weather patterns. These features make this ideal for emergency establishments that are required to withstand the test of time and the ire of Mother Nature. The added protection is ideal for an establishment that often works outside the realm of stable temperatures. Without the feature of temperature control, establishments would lose some of the longevity of these doors; the amount of maintenance required would increase.

Quick and Safe

Sectional doors are well known for their steadfastness as they are constructed for reliability and welfare. The best part of having these doors installed in fast paced establishments is that they are considered heavy duty. Speed is not a question when it comes to these commercial doors; these doors work with a controller that makes closing and opening them an easy feat, something that is necessary when you need to get in or get out in a hurry. Having these door panels constructed out of steel raises its durability, precision and reliability; three very necessary attributes for establishments hardwired for security protection and adeptness.

Making the decision to install sectional doors in your commercial building becomes easy when faced with the many benefits of these commercial doors. Security and durability are among some of the most important needs for establishments such as these and top quality commercial door service is required. Familiarize yourselves with companies that provide these services such as Barr Commercial Door Company and make the decision of whether or not sectional doors are the best option for your building.

November 18, 2015

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