Signs of a Quality Hollow Metal Door

Signs of a Quality Hollow Metal Door

Many San Bernardino companies and industries prefer using hollow metal doors because of their effectiveness in the workplace. Most commercial buildings will have a hollow metal door, especially if they need to protect an asset of their company. If you do not have a hollow metal door yet, there are a few ways to tell you are picking out one of the highest quality doors.

Temperature Resistant

A quality hollow metal door will be temperature resistant and not melt or heat when temperature is applied to the door. If you work in a facility where the temperature rises or the door may be exposed to high levels of heat, this is one of the best qualities you can look for.

In addition, the door itself will not be hot to the touch, so should you need to exit the building quickly, you can grab the door and go.

Fire Resistant

When choosing a quality hollow metal door, consider all types of fire doors available. A true high-quality door is going to be fire resistant. This means that you do not have to worry about the door heating when exposed to fire and the door will not give in when a fire is near the door.

Fire resistant hollow metal doors are effective and safe for the workplace.

Bullet Resistant

Bullet resistant hollow metal doors are ideal for many applications as is the bullet resistant drive-thru window. No matter the type of application you need it for, a bullet resistant door will protect you and your employees should anything ever happen. The door is designed to absorb the impact of the bullet and the bullet will never travel through the door.

Insulated Door

When choosing a high-quality hollow metal door, consider the insulation of the door. The more insulated the door is, the better protection it will provide you with when you need it to. The insulation in the door will also help retain hot or cold air as necessary in your commercial warehouse or other business.

Sound Resistant

A high-quality hollow metal door will be resistant to sound and when behind the door, no sound will travel out into other areas of the business. Many companies who perform heavy labor or work with loud machines will choose to block off the interior of the manufacturing area from the rest of the facility.

Get a Quality Door Today

When shopping for a hollow metal door for your business in Orange County, consider your application for the door and why you need it. Whether you are looking to have a door for protection or to block off a secret element in your building process, a hollow metal door is the best choice.

From fire resistance to creating a sound barrier, a quality metal door is not only efficient, but it is easy to use and care for. Don’t take your chances and have a new hollow metal door installed on your company’s property today.

September 21, 2015

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