Benefits of Loading Dock Bumpers

Benefits of Loading Dock Bumpers


You’ve ordered the products to be delivered to your company. You get called to the loading dock because the semi-truck made it this far without any issues, so it would be great if you made loading new inventory easier on you and the driver. As a new or experienced business owner, you will probably have to bring in inventory at some point or another. Keeping the area that you load this equipment in as intact as possible is a good idea. This way you’ve avoid the need of repairs, as well as avoiding the need to pay the driver for repairs. With the simple addition of loading dock bumpers, you can ensure that each delivery goes off without a hitch. The dock bumpers work similarly to those you may see in a marina. Those bumpers stop any damage to the boat while loading. The damage may be small, but it could be avoided with simple installation of bumpers.


The use of dock levelers and other loading dock equipment like that means that any time loading/unloading could be rather dangerous. Anything that would ease the process should definitely be an addition to your business. Semi-trucks are big machines that transfer a lot of the products we use, daily. The last thing you want is any of your goods being damaged once they have already arrived. It would be a bit annoying to have to reorder items once they’re already here. With the installation of dock bumpers, small mistakes don’t have to be the reason your day is ruined. Different docks or different trucks may require different bumpers. Having exactly what you need, when you need it, is a major sign of professionalism. The right size, placement, and thickness of the bumpers are all things that must be considered before a load/unload. As I just mentioned, trucks are very large; so, the smallest mistake can have large repercussions. It could be the difference between everything running smoothly and it seeming like everything is going wrong. It may even be the difference in an employee injury.


Dock bumpers are definitely a must have, as well as some other loading dock equipment, such as curb ramps, curtain walls, or dock barricades. Dock bumpers take some worry off of your shoulders, just in case if there is a mistake during the load/unload. This way you or the driver doesn’t have to micromanage every second of the interaction. Allowing us at Barr Commercial Door to help you find the right equipment, as well as installation or repair if needed, would be beneficial for any business in the San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside/San Bernardino, or Orange County areas. We have the proper experience you need for quick and easy installations that also guarantee satisfaction. We are here to help you, because we enjoy seeing companies succeed and thrive in today’s market. Knowing that we aided your business in taking a step forward is a great feeling and the reason we all continue our work here.


August 5, 2015

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