5 Ways to Know If You Need to Get a New Commercial Overhead Door

5 Ways to Know If You Need to Get a New Commercial Overhead Door

Are you unsure if it is time for a new overhead door, or, at least, a repair? Be careful not to disregard overhead door issues as minor, since many of them can actually be dangerous and call for immediate repair or replacement! What are some of the problems to keep an eye out for?

  1. The Door has Trouble Opening and Closing

Whether it’s opening and closing randomly, or it starts to close but then goes back up, or vice versa, this is an annoying trait to have to deal with. There are many aspects to check on before completely replacing your overhead door, such as checking the transmitters and their signal, as well as making sure there is nothing blocking the photo eye that determines whether there is something in the door’s path or not. If these steps don’t help resolve your issues, that’s when you should contact a professional and ask what they suggest for the next step.

  1. Its Track is out of Alignment

In order for the door to move properly, the track that it runs on needs to be aligned, without any gaps or bends in the rails or rollers. If you see this as being an issue, take caution as it can be a dangerous issue considering the weight of the door, which could now be on an un-aligned track. Contact a commercial overhead door repair service to resolve this issue.

  1. It Has Broken Springs

Overhead doors are quite heavy, and they depend on the springs to do all of the heavy lifting. If these are broken, it may result in garage door closing quite suddenly and violently. This can be a dangerous issue to work with, so seek a repair service that can take care of it for you. Replacing the springs in pairs is the recommended way to ensure a balanced overhead door, so be sure to take care of both sides at once.

  1. It’s Extremely Chipped and Creaky

This may not be as prominent an issue as the previous three, but it can be a sign of an aged overhead door just promising more problems down the road. Whether it is your personal garage door or a commercial door for your business, a door that looks like it is falling apart is neither professional looking nor safe. It’s just like any other part of your home; you need to keep it in top condition to ensure top quality operation.

  1. The Door is Sagging

This could be an issue primarily for wooden overhead doors, but also for other types of doors as it indicates a problem with the panels. There are repairs that can be done to try to fix this, but if it is beyond repair then it may be time for a new door!

Overhead doors should be taken care of properly to ensure the safety of anyone who uses the door! For your overhead door repair and replacement needs, contact Barr Commercial Door for professional and satisfactory service.

January 13, 2016

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