Roof Hatch

Why Roof Hatches are Commonly Found on Homes

If you’re renovating your home or are in the market for a new one, you have probably come across the feature known as a roof hatch. A roof hatch is a horizontal door that allows access to your roof. They can come in various sizes depending on the intended use. For example, some buildings require…

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Accessorizing Drive-Thru Windows at Your Business

Flimsy drive-thru windows may leave your business prone to a whole host of potential hazards and security issues. Not only do you need to wary of burglary when it comes to the drive-thru windows of your business, but also when it comes to their vulnerability to extreme weather. Staying on top of the condition of…

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The Benefits of Hurricane Impact Doors

Preparing your home for extreme weather is a very important safety precaution to protect not only your home, but your family as well. If you live in an area that often experiences certain types of extreme weather, then your house may have been built to specifically withstand this type of weather. Even if this is…


What are the Most Popular Types of Commercial Doors?

When it comes to commercial establishments, commercial doors are one of the most imperative features in the building; these doors are designed to complement requirements geared toward safety and security as well as catering to an ease of operation. There are currently a large number of styles and variety of materials that these doors can…


Why Do Fire Departments Now Recommend Sectional Doors

Commercial doors are designed with safety, security, and efficiency in mind; however, not all types of commercial doors provide an easy operation when the problems of fires arise. Some of these doors can actually make it more difficult for firemen when they are required to speedily exit the station and arrive on a source; fire…


The Dos and Don’ts of Door Maintenance

Homeowners take stock of their home exteriors every spring and renew efforts on important maintenance around the house. When it comes to inspection of doors and windows, the experts at Barr Commercial Door recommend homeowners to pay special attention to exterior doors and assess them regularly to ensure their long lasting beauty and service. Following…

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Most Common Repair Issues With Rolling Steel Doors

When it comes to rolling steel doors, there are common repair issues that may or may not come up during the life of the product. If you’ve ensured that you’ve chosen a quality manufacturer and that you’ve had it all installed properly by experts like those at, then you shouldn’t face too many problems.…


Why are my Commercial Doors Making a Grinding Sound?

Are your commercial doors making unusual sounds? If you’re a commercial door owner but you aren’t a carpenter, then you probably aren’t quite sure as to why your door is making a grinding noise whenever you open and close it. Thankfully, there are quite a few solutions that will hopefully stop your door from making…